After a lot of prayer and careful consideration, we have decided to close Agapé Pizza as of today, Wednesday, July 24, 2019. When we opened, we never expected to be doing this long term. Our brand is redeemed lives. That was realized by making provision for our friends in the streets. It was realized by giving jobs to those most companies wouldn’t hire. A friend of ours was getting out of prison at the end of March. When he got out we were going to have him live with us, and our intention was to open this and help him get back on his feet. We planned on opening and getting sales up, then sell the business to him at our cost.  We would continue to volunteer and serve the homeless all the while helping him get redeemed financially. He suffers from PTSD, was in the military, and has been through some incredibly rough times.  The closer we got to his release date from prison and the more media attention we got, the more anxiety he got. He changed his mind and decided not to come. Unfortunately, sales don’t support us hiring a manager currently. Tom has some medical issues that will take some extended time to address. Nothing life threatening, but quality-of-life threatening. He may need to have two surgeries.  If he does, it will take several months for re-hab and recovery. I suffer from chronic migraines. There is no way we can do all the heavy lifting for this business any longer. We appreciate all the love and support the Greenwood/South Indy area has given us.